Body Wellness



A delicious plant-based protein and whole-body formula. Now with our exclusive GUT5Y™ probiotic for digestive health. 

BODY WELLNESS contains fermented plant proteins, fibre, superfoods and alkalising greens, as well as pre, pro and postbiotics. Build healthy muscles while supporting energy metabolism, nutrition and immunity.  

Why you'll love it: 

Made using vegan-friendly ingredients. This plant protein powder contains over 50 wholefoods and superfoods, including alkalising greens and hemp. 

Supports muscle growth and repair. Each serve contains fermented, bioavailable plant-based protein—which is easier to digest and highly absorbable—to help build, repair and maintain healthy muscles.  

Contains probiotics for a healthy belly. BODY WELLNESS is supercharged with our exclusive probiotic strain GUT5Y™ to support digestive health. 

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